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1) Research projects

Since 2013, there have been several projects led by the PALEVOPRIM laboratory, funded by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and the National Research Agency: Trident, Diet-Scratches and ALIHOM.

These projects adopted an innovative approach combining human and technical skills from several disciplines: agronomy, tribology and paleontology. Their goal was to study the food ecology of fossil mammals using current and experimental datasets.

2) A tool (TriDent software in development):

During the various studies, we have developed new analysis tools to facilitate the study of dental surfaces.

Ultimately, they will be offered to the scientific community.

3) A scientific method in 3 steps:

_ Test hypotheses on the relationship between food and eco-indicators in fossil records and on experimental data sets (sheep or pigs).

_ Try models by exploring dental eco-indicators on present-day mammalian communities.

_ Re-explore the fossil data sets taking into account the experimental results and the study of current communities.

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